Herald Investment Trust Listed Companies

Company Sector Location
Santec Holdings - Asia Pacific
Climb Global Solutions Wholesale - Discretionary N. America
EngageSmart Inc Software N. America
Vianet Group Electrical Equipment UK
Pason Systems Inc - N. America
ADDCN Technology Communications & Networking Asia Pacific
Volue Software EMEA (Ex.UK)
Team Internet Group Plc Technology Services UK
Streamline Health Solutions Software N. America
SES Imagotag Technology Hardware EMEA (Ex.UK)
Secureworks Corp Software N. America
Qoria Ltd Software Asia
Northamber Plc Wholesale - Discretionary UK
Nexteq Plc Leisure Facilities and Services UK
Jeol Ltd Medical Equipment and devices Asia Pacific
JAMF Holding Corp Software N. America
High Wire Networks Technology Services N. America
Green World Fin Tech Service Technology Services Asia Pacific
Genians Inc Software Asia Pacific
Genasys Inc Software N. America
Franklin Convey Commerical Support Services N. America
First Advantage Corp Commercial Support Services N. America
Filtronic Plc Technology Hardware UK
Emcore Corp Semiconductors N. America
Detection Technology Electrical Equipment N. America
D2L Inc Software N. America
Creo Medical Group Medical Equipment and devices UK
CI&T Technology Services N. America
Chunghwa Precision Test Tech Technology Hardware Asia Pacific
Chroma Ate Inc Electrical Equipment Asia Pacific
Chief Telecom Technology Services Asia Pacific
Celebrus Technologies Plc Technology Services UK
Beamtree Holdings Software Asia Pacific
Aware Inc Technology Services N. America
AvidXchange Holdings Software N. America
Articore Group Retail - Consumer Staple Asia Pacific
Arteris Inc Semiconductors N. America
Five9 Inc Software and computer services N.America
Cogent Communications Holdings Inc Telecommunications N.America
Boku Inc Technology U.K
Solum Technology Hardware Asia Pacific
Sansan - -
Plus Alpha Consulting Commerical Support Services Asia Pacific
Nexus AG Software EMEA (Ex.UK)
I-Nexus Global Software UK
Celoxica Holdings PLC Software UK
Quartix Technologies Automotive UK
Valens Semiconductor Semiconductors EMEA (Ex.UK)
Trustpilot Online Services UK
Tokyo Seimitsu Co Ltd Semiconductor Equipment Asia Pacific
Solid State Plc Electrical Components & Equipment UK
Sivota Plc Investment Management & Fund Operators UK
Senetas Corp Ltd IT Services Asia Pacific
Saietta Group Plc Heavy Electrical Equipment UK
Ovh Groupe IT Services EMEA (Ex.UK)
OBIC Business Consultants IT Services Asia Pacific
Leonardo DRS Inc Aerospace & Defense N. America
Kneat.com Software Ireland
Jfrog Ltd Software N. America
Fasoo Co Ltd Software Asia Pacific
Eagle Eye Solutions Software UK
Crowdworks Inc Employment Services Asia Pacific
Aviat Networks Inc Communications & Networking N. America
Avepoint Inc IT Services N. America
Alkami Technology Inc IT Services N. America
ADTRAN Holdings Inc Communications & Networking N. America
Accrete Inc Business Support Solutions Asia Pacific
Zuken Inc Software and Computer Services Asia Pacific
WingArc1st Inc IT Services Asia Pacific
Windward Ltd Application Software UK
Wanted Lab Inc Application Software Asia Pacific
Vertex Inc. Application Software N. America
Velocys Plc Energy UK
User Local Inc Application Software Asia Pacific
TruFin PLC Financial Services UK
Thyrv Holdings Inc Technology N. America
TerraSky Co Ltd Infrastructure Software Asia Pacific
SpiderPlus & Co Application Software Asia Pacific
QuickLogic Corp Semiconductors N. America
Quantum Corp Computer Hardware N. America
Pureprofile Ltd Advertising Asia Pacific
Property Data Bank Inc Application Software Asia Pacific
PKSHA Technology Inc Application Software Asia Pacific
Phison Electronics Corp Computer Hardware Asia Pacific
NordHealth A/S Application Software EMEA (Ex.UK)
Net Protections Holdings Inc Data Asia Pacific
N-Able Inc Application Software N. America
Microlise Group Infrastructure Software UK
Median Technologies Application Software EMEA (Ex.UK)
Light Science Technologies Application Software UK
Lanner Electronics Inc Communications Asia Pacific
Infomart Corp Technology Asia Pacific
Kaonavi Inc Application Software Asia Pacific
ITIM Group PLC Application Software UK
Hennge KK Application Software Asia Pacific
HealthStream Inc Internet Media & Services N.America
GMO GlobalSign Holdings Infrastructure Software Asia Pacific
FormFactor Inc Semiconductors N.America
FalconStor Software Inc Infrastructure Software N.America
EML Payments Limited Data Asia Pacific
E Ink Holdings Inc. Electronics Asia Pacific
Dianomi Limited Internet Media & Services UK
Cybertrust Japan Co LTD IT Services Asia Pacific
Cyber Security Cloud Inc IT Services Asia Pacific
Crimson Tide PLC Telecommunications UK
Couchbase Inc. Infrastructure Software N.America
Cognyte Software Ltd. Application Software N.America
Cerillion PLC IT Services UK
Bengo4.com Internet Media & Services Asia Pacific
Augmentum Fintech PLC Financial UK
Atea ASA Computer Services EMEA (Ex.UK)
Arlo Technologies Inc Industrial N.America
American Software Inc Software N.America
ActiveOps Ltd Software UK
Ansarada Group Ltd Technology Asia Pacific
Yappli Inc Technology Asia Pacific
WiseTech Global Ltd Technology Asia Pacific
Vicor Corp Industrials N.America
TTEC Holdings Inc Technology N.America
TeamSpirit Inc Technology Asia Pacific
Rimini Street Inc Technology N.America
Reach Plc Communications U.K
RaySearch Laboratories Technology EMEA (Ex.UK)
Rakus Co Ltd Technology Asia Pacific
Plaid Inc Technology Asia Pacific
PCA Corp Technology Asia Pacific
Ooma Inc Communications N.America
North Media Communications EMEA (Ex.UK)
Napatech A/S Technology EMEA (Ex. UK)
Symbio Holdings Ltd Communications Asia Pacific
IQGEO Group Plc Technology U.K
Inuvo Inc Communications N.America
Invinity Energy Systems Plc Energy U.K
Intred SpA Communications EMEA (Ex. UK)
Internetworking and Broadband Consulting Co Ltd Technology Asia Pacific
Gore Street Energy Storage Fund Plc - U.K
GMO Internet Inc Communicartions Asia Pacific
Global Invacom Group Ltd Technology Asia Pacific
Giftee Inc Communications Asia Pacific
Fonix Mobile Plc Communications U.K
Fireangel Safety Technology Group Plc Home Safety U.K
Exasol AG Technology EMEA (Ex. U.K)
EQS Group Communications EMEA (Ex. U.K)
eMemory Technology Inc Technology Asia Pacific
Elite Material Co Ltd Industrials Asia Pacific
Cresco Ltd Technology Asia
Calnex Solutions Plc Technology U.K
CalAmp Corp Technology N.America
Bytes Technology Group Plc Technology U.K
Andes Technology Corp Technology Asia
Airthings ASA Industrials EMEA (Ex.UK)
AFC Energy Plc Energy U.K
Netcall Plc Technology Services N.America
NFON AG Technology & Software EMEA(Ex.UK)
Ribbon Communications Inc Hardware N.America
Proto Corp Media Asia Pacific
Tremor International Ltd Media U.K
RMA Global Ltd Media Asia Pacific
GB Group plc Software and computer services UK
System1 Group PLC Media U.K
Varonis Systems Inc Software N.America
Power Integrations Inc Semiconductors N.America
Whispir Ltd Application Software Asia Pacific
Sopheon PLC Application Software U.K
Time out Group PLC Media U.K
The Mission Group PLC Media U.K
Oxford Metrics PLC Application Software U.K
Upsales Technology AB Software EMEA (Ex.UK)
Oro Co Ltd Technology Services Asia Pacific
S4 Capital PLC Media U.K
Ateme SA Technology EMEA (Ex.UK)
Catapult Group International Ltd Industrials Asia Pacific
Bandwidth Inc Technology & Software N.America
Blackbird PLC Technology & Software UK
Aptitude Software Group Plc Technology UK
Checkit PLC Technology & Software UK
Compumedics Ltd Healthcare Asia Pacific
Adesso AG Technology EMEA (Ex.UK)
Computacenter PLC Technology & IT Services UK
Essensys Group Ltd Application Software U.K
Intelligent Ultrasound Group PLC Health Care U.K
Digital Turbine Inc Application Software N.America
Kalray SADIR Semiconductors EMEA (Ex.UK)
Lumibird Health Care EMEA (Ex.UK)
Diaceutics Plc Health Care UK
Esker SA Technology & Software EMEA (Ex.UK)
Enea AB Technology & Software EMEA (Ex. UK)
B3 Consulting Group Technology EMEA (Ex U.K)
Growens SPA Communications EMEA (Ex.UK)
1Spatial Plc Technology UK
Integrafin Holdings Plc Financials UK
Efecte Oyj Technology EMEA (Ex. UK)
Freelancer Ltd Consumer Discretionary Asia Pacific
Feedback Plc - UK
Sidetrade Technology EMEA (Ex. UK)
Onespan Inc Software and computer services N. America
Issuer Direct Corp Consumer Discretionary N.America
Smartspace Software Plc Technology UK
Blackline Safety Corp Technology N.America
Harmonic Inc Technology N.America
KRM22 Plc Technology UK
Radcom Ltd Technology N.America
Super Micro Computer Inc Technology N.America
Chanjet Information Technology Technology Asia Pacific
Kulicke and Soffa Industries Semiconductors N.America
Nlight Inc Industrials N.America
Money Forward Financials Asia Pacific
Tower Semiconductor Ltd Technology N.America
Technology EMEA (Ex.UK)
One Stop Systems Inc Technology N.America
Water Intelligence Plc Utilities N.America
Xref Ltd Technology Asia Pacific
Bigtincan Holdings Ltd - Asia Pacific
Wallix Group Software EMEA (Ex. UK)
Ten Lifestyle group Plc Internet Based Services U.K
Praemium Ltd Media & Communications Asia & Pacific
Momo.com Inc Media Asia & Pacific
Kinx Inc Computers Asia & Pacific
Invision Technology EMEA (Ex. UK)
Intellicheck inc Technology N.America
GetBusy Plc Software & computer Services U.K
Gabia Inc Communications Asia & Pacific
Ekinops Semiconductor EMEA (Ex. UK)
Cyberark Software Ltd Technology N. America
Celestica Inc Technology N.America
C4X Discovery Holdings Plc Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology U.K
Audioboom Group Plc Software U.K
Audinate Group Ltd Technology Asia & Pacific
Akoustis Technologies Inc Technology N. America
Accsys Technologies Plc Chemical Technology U.K
Wonik IPS Co Ltd Semiconductors Asia Pacific
Tribal Group Plc Consumer Services UK
Spirent Communications Plc Technology Hardware & Equipment UK
Realtek Semiconductor Corp Semiconductors Asia Pacific
LoopUp Group Plc Software and computer services UK
Everspin Technologies Inc Semiconductors N.America
Access Intelligence Plc Software and computer services UK
Cyanconnode Holdings Plc Technology, Hardware and Equipment UK
Liveperson Inc Software and computer services N.America
Kainos Group Plc Software and computer services UK
GlobalData Plc - UK
Science Group Plc - UK
Gamma Communications PLC Communications UK
Focusrite PLC Technology UK
FDM Group Holdings PLC Technology UK
Haydale Graphene Industries PLC Materials UK
Parade Technologies Ltd Technology Asia Pacific
Chicony Electronics Co Ltd Technology Asia Pacific
Diploma PLC Support services UK
M&C Saatchi Plc Advertising & Marketing UK
Ilika PLC Energy UK
Yelp Inc. Communications N. America
XLMedia PLC Communications UK
Tecogen Inc. Industrials N. America
Seeing machines Ltd Technology UK
Scientific Digital Imaging PLC Technology UK
Kinaxis, Inc. Technology N. America
IQE PLC Technology UK
RADWARE Ltd. Technology N. America
Qualys, Inc. Technology N. America
Idox PLC Software and computer services UK
Bango plc Software and computer services UK
Deltex Medical Group plc Health Care Equipment and Services UK
ChipMOS Technologies (Bermuda) Ltd Technology hardware and equipment N. America
Volex PLC Electronic and Electrical Equipment UK
BATM Advanced Communications Ltd Technology hardware and equipment UK
YouGov Plc Media UK
Concurrent Technologies PLC Technology hardware and equipment UK
XP Power Ltd. Electronic and Electrical Equipment UK
Pegasystems Inc. Software N. America
Intercede Group plc Software and Computer Services UK
CML Microsystems Plc Technology hardware and equipment UK
Synectics PLC Support Services UK
Ebiquity plc Media UK
Tripod Technology Corporation Electronic and electrical equipment Asia Pacific
FD Technologies Software and Computer Services UK
Dillistone Group PLC Software and Computer Services UK
Descartes Systems Group Inc. Software and computer services N. America
Fabrinet Electronic and Electrical Equipment N. America
ITM Power plc Alternative Energy UK
dotDigital Group PLC Software and Computer Services UK
CEVA, Inc. Technology hardware and equipment N. America
Gresham Computing plc Software and computer services UK
Thruvision Group Plc Support Services UK
Datalex plc (ADR) Software and Computer Services UK
EugeneTechnology Co Ltd Technology Hardware and Equipment Asia Pacific
Centaur Media Plc Media UK
Kingdee International Software Group Co. Software and Computer Services Asia Pacific
Brightcove Inc Software and Computer Services N. America
Discoverie Group Plc Electronic & Electrical Equipment UK
Eckoh PLC Software and Computer Services UK
Nordic Semiconductor ASA Technology hardware and equipment EMEA (ex. UK)
Kromek Group PLC Electronic Equipment Instruments and Components UK
BE Semiconductor Industries NV Technology hardware and equipment EMEA (ex. UK)
Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Ltd. Media Asia Pacific
PSK Inc Technology hardware and equipment Asia Pacific
Oxford Instruments PLC Electronic and Electrical Equipment UK
Lantronix, Inc. Technology hardware and equipment N. America
Zoo Digital Group plc Software and computer services UK
Silicom Ltd. Technology hardware and equipment N. America
Cohort PLC Aerospace and defence UK
Advantech Co., Ltd. Technology hardware and equipment Asia Pacific
Soulbrain Chemicals Asia Pacific
Quarto Group Inc. Media UK
Corero Network Security PLC Software and Computer Services UK
Zinc Media Group PLC Media UK
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc Media UK
MTI Wireless Edge Limited Technology hardware and equipment UK
SPS Commerce, Inc. Software and Computer Services N. America
Wilmington Group plc Media UK
Craneware plc Software and computer services UK
Telecom plus PLC Fixed line telecommunications UK
Sword Group SE Software and Computer Services EMEA (ex. UK)
Next Fifteen Communications Group plc Media UK
NCC Group PLC Software and computer services UK
Gooch & Housego plc Electronic and Electrical Equipment UK
SysGroup Software and Computer Services UK
Silicon Motion Technology Corp. (ADR) Technology Hardware N. America
Maintel Holdings plc Support services UK
Future plc Media UK
ViaSat, Inc. Technology hardware and equipment N. America


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